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Does SuperCorner have an age limit?

SuperPark is for active customers of all ages. Children under 7 yo must be accompanied by an adult. Children under 4 yo are welcomed to SuperCorner with no admission charge. In SuperCorner we have activities suitable for everyone, but keeping in mind there are some limits for safety reasons.

Where can I store my belongings?

In the lobby we have lockers, which can be locked with a key. Outerwear and backpacks must be kept outside of the park. There is a shelf for outdoor shoes next to the entrance.  We recommend leaving all valuables in a locker before entering the park. SuperCorner is not responsible for lost or broken items.

How should I be dressed and do I need my own equipment?

You are free to enter the park with indoor shoes, slippers, or socks. Please note that you must not be barefooted, so please bring your socks. For games, workouts, adventures and other active activities in the park, it is best to wear comfortable and flexible clothes. All equipment in the park are yours to borrow.

What does the entrance fee cover?

Upon arriving you get a bracelet from the ticket counter. The bracelet gives you access of the park for the whole day. You are free to enter and exit during the day as you please. All SuperCorner activities are available throughout the day with your bracelet. The park includes the Adventure Area, Game Arena and Freestyle Hall. The park has all the necessary equipment and they are free to be borrowed when in the park.

What if I need first aid?

You can turn to our staff in case of a medical emergency. First-aid kits are located near the trampoline area in Freestyle Hall.

How about food?

Tahko Spa restaurants serve you daily. Please note that no food or drinks are allowed in the park area. A capped water bottle can be brought to the park.

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Is SuperCorner in social media?

Indeed! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram @sprprk and with the hashtag #SPRPRK you see what’s going on all over the country! You can also subscribe us from YouTube as SuperPark Finland. We also love to see your photos and videos, share your own with the hashtag #SPRPRK !!

Does SuperCorner insure its customers?

In SuperCorner everyone moves at their own risk. In case of device or structural damage, the manufacturer is obliged to compensate the customer for any damage done

Where can I inquire about lost items?

Inquiries can be appointed to SuperCorner via e-mail:

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